Electricity is the magic of the real world. Electronics are the spells. Engineers are the magicians. The tools and techniques available to almost anyone are breathtaking and the possibilities are endless. This perspective inspired my Reactive Art art series; the concept of passive engagement. Oftentimes art is enjoyed on the fly or in passing. Interactive exhibits while fantastical require a certain amount of attention and focus. They need the observer to ‘Do’ something. My reactive art pieces are less demanding. They respond to the world around us. If we affect that world, we affect the artwork, but the pieces are pretty and alive all on their own. 

All these works share a few things in common. They sense, they think, and they respond. However, what they sense, how they think, and how they respond can be quite different. Some respond to sound, either in a very linear fashion or with the help of more complex audio analysis, and others respond to location or form. Click through the thumbnails above to see more details about each piece.